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OptimizeStats holds the statistics of OptimizeExecutor (when requested to optimize).

Creating Instance

OptimizeStats takes the following to be created:

  • addedFilesSizeStats
  • removedFilesSizeStats
  • numPartitionsOptimized
  • ZOrderStats
  • numBatches
  • totalConsideredFiles
  • totalFilesSkipped
  • preserveInsertionOrder
  • numFilesSkippedToReduceWriteAmplification
  • numBytesSkippedToReduceWriteAmplification
  • startTimeMs
  • endTimeMs
  • totalClusterParallelism
  • totalScheduledTasks
  • AutoCompactParallelismStats

OptimizeStats is created when:

  • OptimizeExecutor is requested to optimize


FileSizeStats holds the following metrics:

  • minFileSize
  • maxFileSize
  • totalFiles
  • totalSize

FileSizeStats is created and used to represent the following OptimizeStats metrics:

Creating OptimizeMetrics

toOptimizeMetrics: OptimizeMetrics

toOptimizeMetrics converts this OptimizeStats to a OptimizeMetrics.

toOptimizeMetrics is used when:

  • OptimizeExecutor is requested to optimize