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DeltaOptimizeContext represents an execution context of the following commands:

Creating Instance

DeltaOptimizeContext takes the following to be created:

  • isPurge Flag
  • minFileSize (default: undefined)
  • maxDeletedRowsRatio (default: undefined)

DeltaOptimizeContext is created when:

isPurge Flag

DeltaOptimizeContext can be given isPurge flag when created.

isPurge flag is used to indicate that a rewriting task is for purging soft-deleted data (with Deletion Vectors).

isPurge flag is disabled (false) by default.

When enabled (true), DeltaOptimizeContext requires that the minFileSize and the maxDeletedRowsRatio are both 0. Otherwise, DeltaOptimizeContext reports an IllegalArgumentException:

minFileSize and maxDeletedRowsRatio must be 0 when running PURGE.