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JoinedRowProcessor is...FIXME

Creating Instance

JoinedRowProcessor takes the following to be created:

  • targetRowHasNoMatch Expression
  • sourceRowHasNoMatch Expression
  • Optional matchedCondition1 Expression
  • Optional matchedOutput1 Expressions
  • Optional matchedCondition2 Expression
  • Optional matchedOutput2 Expressions
  • Optional notMatchedCondition Expression
  • Optional notMatchedOutput Expressions
  • Optional noopCopyOutput Expression
  • deleteRowOutput Expressions
  • joinedAttributes Attributes
  • joinedRowEncoder ExpressionEncoder
  • outputRowEncoder ExpressionEncoder

JoinedRowProcessor is created when MergeIntoCommand is requested to writeAllChanges.

Processing Partition

  rowIterator: Iterator[Row]): Iterator[Row]


processPartition is used when MergeIntoCommand is requested to writeAllChanges.