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DeltaMergeIntoMatchedDeleteClause — WHEN MATCHED DELETE Clause

DeltaMergeIntoMatchedDeleteClause is a DeltaMergeIntoMatchedClause that represents WHEN MATCHED DELETE clauses in the following:

Creating Instance

DeltaMergeIntoMatchedDeleteClause takes the following to be created:

  • (optional) Condition Expression (Spark SQL)

DeltaMergeIntoMatchedDeleteClause is created when:

  • DeltaMergeMatchedActionBuilder is requested to delete
  • DeltaAnalysis logical resolution rule is executed (and resolves MergeIntoTable logical command with DeleteAction matched actions)
  • MergeIntoCommandBase is requested to isOnlyOneUnconditionalDelete


actions: Seq[Expression]

actions is part of the DeltaMergeIntoClause abstraction.

actions is always an empty collection.

Clause Type

clauseType: String

clauseType is part of the DeltaMergeIntoClause abstraction.

clauseType is the following text: