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RemoveColumnMappingCommand is a ImplicitMetadataOperation to remove column mapping from a delta table.

RemoveColumnMappingCommand is used for AlterTableSetPropertiesDeltaCommand and AlterTableUnsetPropertiesDeltaCommand commands to exit early when executed with just the delta.columnMapping.mode table property being changed to none (and enabled).

RemoveColumnMappingCommand is a transactional command (that starts a new transaction on the delta table when executed).

Creating Instance

RemoveColumnMappingCommand takes the following to be created:

RemoveColumnMappingCommand is created using apply utility.

Creating RemoveColumnMappingCommand

  deltaLog: DeltaLog,
  catalogOpt: Option[CatalogTable]): RemoveColumnMappingCommand

apply creates a RemoveColumnMappingCommand for the given DeltaLog and CatalogTable.

apply is used when:

Executing Command

  spark: SparkSession,
  removeColumnMappingTableProperty: Boolean): Unit

run requests the DeltaLog to start a new transaction.


run is used when: