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DeleteCommand is a Delta command that represents DeltaDelete logical command at execution.

DeleteCommand is a RunnableCommand logical operator (Spark SQL).

Creating Instance

DeleteCommand takes the following to be created:

DeleteCommand is created (also using apply factory utility) when:

Performance Metrics

Name web UI
numRemovedFiles number of files removed.
numAddedFiles number of files added.
numDeletedRows number of rows deleted.

Executing Command

  sparkSession: SparkSession): Seq[Row]

run is part of the RunnableCommand (Spark SQL) abstraction.

run requests the TahoeFileIndex for the DeltaLog (and asserts that the table is removable).

run requests the DeltaLog to start a new transaction for performDelete.

In the end, run re-caches all cached plans (incl. this relation itself) by requesting the CacheManager (Spark SQL) to recache the target.


  sparkSession: SparkSession,
  deltaLog: DeltaLog,
  txn: OptimisticTransaction): Unit


Creating DeleteCommand

  delete: DeltaDelete): DeleteCommand

apply creates a DeleteCommand.

Last update: 2021-03-31