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= StagedDeltaTableV2

StagedDeltaTableV2 is a StagedTable and a SupportsWrite (both from Spark SQL 3.0.0).

== [[creating-instance]] Creating Instance

StagedDeltaTableV2 takes the following to be created:

  • [[ident]] Identifier
  • [[schema]] Schema
  • [[partitions]] Partitions (Array[Transform])
  • [[properties]] Properties
  • [[operation]] Operation (one of Create, CreateOrReplace, Replace)

StagedDeltaTableV2 is created when DeltaCatalog is requested to[stageReplace],[stageCreateOrReplace] or[stageCreate].

== [[commitStagedChanges]] commitStagedChanges


commitStagedChanges(): Unit


commitStagedChanges is part of the StagedTable (Spark SQL 3.0.0) abstraction.

== [[abortStagedChanges]] abortStagedChanges


abortStagedChanges(): Unit

abortStagedChanges does nothing.

abortStagedChanges is part of the StagedTable (Spark SQL 3.0.0) abstraction.

== [[newWriteBuilder]] newWriteBuilder


newWriteBuilder( info: LogicalWriteInfo): V1WriteBuilder


newWriteBuilder is part of the SupportsWrite (Spark SQL 3.0.0) abstraction.

Last update: 2020-09-24