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DeltaTableIdentifier is an identifier of a delta table by TableIdentifier or directory depending whether it is a catalog table or not (and living non-cataloged).

Creating Instance

DeltaTableIdentifier takes the following to be created:

  • Directory (default: undefined)
  • TableIdentifier (default: undefined)

Creating DeltaTableIdentifier

  spark: SparkSession,
  identifier: TableIdentifier): Option[DeltaTableIdentifier]

apply creates a new DeltaTableIdentifier for the given TableIdentifier if the specified table identifier represents a Delta table or None.

apply is used when:

Creating DeltaLog

  spark: SparkSession): DeltaLog

getDeltaLog creates a DeltaLog (for the location).


getDeltaLog does not seem to be used.

Location Path

  spark: SparkSession): Path

getPath creates a Hadoop Path for the path if defined or requests SessionCatalog (Spark SQL) for the table metadata and uses the locationUri.

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