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= DeltaHistoryManager

DeltaHistoryManager is...FIXME

== [[getHistory]] getHistory Method

[source, scala]

getHistory( limitOpt: Option[Int]): Seq[CommitInfo] getHistory( start: Long, end: Option[Long]): Seq[CommitInfo]


NOTE: getHistory is used when...FIXME

== [[getActiveCommitAtTime]] getActiveCommitAtTime Method

[source, scala]

getActiveCommitAtTime( timestamp: Timestamp, canReturnLastCommit: Boolean, mustBeRecreatable: Boolean = true): Commit


NOTE: getActiveCommitAtTime is used exclusively when DeltaTableUtils utility is requested to <>.

== [[checkVersionExists]] checkVersionExists Method

[source, scala]

checkVersionExists(version: Long): Unit


NOTE: checkVersionExists is used when...FIXME

== [[parallelSearch]] parallelSearch Internal Method

[source, scala]

parallelSearch( time: Long, start: Long, end: Long): Commit


NOTE: parallelSearch is used exclusively when DeltaHistoryManager is requested to <>.

== [[parallelSearch0]] parallelSearch0 Internal Utility

[source, scala]

parallelSearch0( spark: SparkSession, conf: SerializableConfiguration, logPath: String, time: Long, start: Long, end: Long, step: Long): Commit


NOTE: parallelSearch0 is used exclusively when DeltaHistoryManager is requested to <>.

== [[getCommitInfo]] CommitInfo Of Delta File -- getCommitInfo Internal Utility

[source, scala]

getCommitInfo( logStore: LogStore, basePath: Path, version: Long): CommitInfo


NOTE: getCommitInfo is used when...FIXME

Last update: 2020-09-24