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DeltaErrors Utility


modifyAppendOnlyTableException: Throwable

modifyAppendOnlyTableException throws an UnsupportedOperationException:

This table is configured to only allow appends. If you would like to permit updates or deletes, use 'ALTER TABLE <table_name> SET TBLPROPERTIES (appendOnly=false)'.

modifyAppendOnlyTableException is used when:

Reporting Post-Commit Hook Failure

  failedHook: PostCommitHook,
  failedOnCommitVersion: Long,
  extraErrorMessage: String,
  error: Throwable): Throwable

postCommitHookFailedException throws a RuntimeException:

Committing to the Delta table version [failedOnCommitVersion] succeeded but error while executing post-commit hook [failedHook]: [extraErrorMessage]

postCommitHookFailedException is used when:

  • GenerateSymlinkManifestImpl is requested to handleError

Last update: 2021-02-11