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= DeltaConfigs

DeltaConfigs defines <> (aka table properties).

Table properties can be assigned a value using ALTER TABLE SQL command:

ALTER TABLE <table_name> SET TBLPROPERTIES (<key>=<value>)

[[sqlConfPrefix]][[]] DeltaConfigs uses prefix for <>.

[[configuration-properties]] .Reservoir Configuration Properties [cols="30m,70",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Key | Description

| appendOnly a| [[appendOnly]][[IS_APPEND_ONLY]] Whether a delta table is append-only (true) or not (false). When enabled, a table allows appends only and no updates or deletes.

Default: false

| autoOptimize a| [[autoOptimize]][[AUTO_OPTIMIZE]] Whether this delta table will automagically optimize the layout of files during writes.

Default: false

| checkpointInterval a| [[checkpointInterval]][[CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL]] How often to checkpoint the state of a delta table

Default: 10

| checkpointRetentionDuration a| [[checkpointRetentionDuration]][[CHECKPOINT_RETENTION_DURATION]] How long to keep checkpoint files around before deleting them

Default: interval 2 days

The most recent checkpoint is never deleted. It is acceptable to keep checkpoint files beyond this duration until the next calendar day.

| compatibility.symlinkFormatManifest.enabled a| [[compatibility.symlinkFormatManifest]][[SYMLINK_FORMAT_MANIFEST_ENABLED]] Whether to register the <> post-commit hook while <> or not

Default: false

| dataSkippingNumIndexedCols a| [[dataSkippingNumIndexedCols]][[DATA_SKIPPING_NUM_INDEXED_COLS]] The number of columns to collect stats on for data skipping. -1 means collecting stats for all columns.

Default: 32

| deletedFileRetentionDuration a| [[deletedFileRetentionDuration]][[TOMBSTONE_RETENTION]] How long to keep logically deleted data files around before deleting them physically (to prevent failures in stale readers after compactions or partition overwrites)

Default: interval 1 week

| enableExpiredLogCleanup a| [[enableExpiredLogCleanup]][[ENABLE_EXPIRED_LOG_CLEANUP]] Whether to clean up expired log files and checkpoints

Default: true

| enableFullRetentionRollback a| [[enableFullRetentionRollback]][[ENABLE_FULL_RETENTION_ROLLBACK]] When enabled (default), a delta table can be rolled back to any point within <>. When disabled, the table can be rolled back <> only.

Default: true

| logRetentionDuration a| [[logRetentionDuration]][[LOG_RETENTION]] How long to keep obsolete logs around before deleting them. Delta can keep logs beyond the duration until the next calendar day to avoid constantly creating checkpoints.

Default: interval 30 days

| randomizeFilePrefixes a| [[randomizeFilePrefixes]][[RANDOMIZE_FILE_PREFIXES]] Whether to use a random prefix in a file path instead of partition information (may be required for very high volume S3 calls to better be partitioned across S3 servers)

Default: false

| randomPrefixLength a| [[randomPrefixLength]][[RANDOM_PREFIX_LENGTH]] The length of the random prefix in a file path for <>

Default: 2

| sampleRetentionDuration a| [[sampleRetentionDuration]][[SAMPLE_RETENTION]] How long to keep delta sample files around before deleting them

Default: interval 7 days


== [[mergeGlobalConfigs]] mergeGlobalConfigs Utility

[source, scala]

mergeGlobalConfigs( sqlConfs: SQLConf, tableConf: Map[String, String], protocol: Protocol): Map[String, String]

mergeGlobalConfigs finds all <>-prefixed configuration properties among the <>.

NOTE: mergeGlobalConfigs is used when OptimisticTransactionImpl is requested for the[metadata], to[update the metadata], and[prepare a commit] (for new delta tables).

== [[verifyProtocolVersionRequirements]] verifyProtocolVersionRequirements Utility

[source, scala]

verifyProtocolVersionRequirements( configurations: Map[String, String], current: Protocol): Unit


verifyProtocolVersionRequirements is used when...FIXME

== [[buildConfig]] Creating DeltaConfig Instance -- buildConfig Internal Utility

[source, scala]

buildConfigT: DeltaConfig[T]

buildConfig creates a[DeltaConfig] for the given key (with delta prefix) and adds it to the <> internal registry.

NOTE: buildConfig is used to define all of the <>.

== [[internal-properties]] Internal Properties

[cols="30m,70",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Name | Description

| entries a| [[entries]]

[source, scala]

HashMap[String, DeltaConfig[_]]


Last update: 2020-09-24