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= DeltaConfig -- Configuration Property Of Delta Table (Metadata)

[[T]] DeltaConfig (of type T) represents a <> of a delta table with values (of type T) in an <>.

DeltaConfig can be <>.

== [[creating-instance]] Creating DeltaConfig Instance

DeltaConfig takes the following to be created:

  • [[key]] Key
  • [[defaultValue]] Default value
  • [[fromString]] Conversion function (from text representation of the DeltaConfig to the <>, i.e. String => T)
  • [[validationFunction]] Validation function (that guards from incorrect values, i.e. T => Boolean)
  • [[helpMessage]] Help message
  • [[minimumProtocolVersion]] (optional) Minimum version of <> supported

DeltaConfig initializes the <>.

== [[fromMetaData]] Reading Configuration Property From Metadata -- fromMetaData Method

[source, scala]

fromMetaData( metadata: Metadata): T

fromMetaData looks up the <> in the <> of the given <>. If not found, fromMetaData gives the <>.

In the end, fromMetaData converts the text representation to the proper type using <> conversion function.


fromMetaData is used when:

  • DeltaLog is requested for <> and <> table properties, and to <>

  • MetadataCleanup is requested for the <> and the <>

* Snapshot is requested for the <>

Last update: 2020-09-24