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AddFile is a FileAction that represents an action of adding a file to a delta table.

Creating Instance

AddFile takes the following to be created:

  • Path
  • Partition values (Map[String, String])
  • Size (in bytes)
  • Modification time
  • dataChange flag
  • File Statistics
  • Tags (Map[String, String]) (default: null)

AddFile is created when:

File Statistics

AddFile can be given a JSON-encoded file statistics when created.

The statistics are undefined (null) by default.

The statistics can be defined when:

Converting to SingleAction

wrap: SingleAction

wrap is part of the Action abstraction.

wrap creates a new SingleAction with the add field set to this AddFile.

Converting to RemoveFile with Defaults

remove: RemoveFile

remove creates a RemoveFile for the path (with the current time and dataChange flag enabled).

remove is used when:

Converting to RemoveFile

  timestamp: Long = System.currentTimeMillis(),
  dataChange: Boolean = true): RemoveFile

remove creates a new RemoveFile action for the path with the given timestamp and dataChange flag.

removeWithTimestamp is used when: