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= [[JobsTab]] JobsTab

[[prefix]] JobsTab is a[SparkUITab] with the[prefix] as jobs and the following pages:



JobsTab is <> when SparkUI is requested to[initialize].

NOTE: The Jobs tab uses[JobProgressListener] to access statistics of job executions in a Spark application to display.

== [[creating-instance]] Creating JobsTab Instance

JobsTab takes the following to be created:

  • [[parent]][SparkUI]
  • [[store]][]

While <>, JobsTab creates and[attaches] the pages:



== [[handleKillRequest]] handleKillRequest Method

[source, scala]

handleKillRequest( request: HttpServletRequest): Unit


NOTE: handleKillRequest is used when SparkUI is requested to[initialize] (and registers the /jobs/job/kill URL handler).

== [[isFairScheduler]] isFairScheduler Method

[source, scala]

isFairScheduler: Boolean


NOTE: isFairScheduler is used when JobPage is requested to[render itself (as a HTML page)].

Last update: 2020-10-06