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Jobs Tab

Jobs tab in[web UI] shows[status of all Spark jobs] in a Spark application ([]).

.Jobs Tab in Web UI image::spark-webui-jobs.png[align="center"]

Jobs tab is available under /jobs URL (e.g. http://localhost:4040/jobs).

.Event Timeline in Jobs Tab image::spark-webui-jobs-event-timeline.png[align="center"]

The Jobs tab consists of two pages, i.e.[All Jobs] and <> pages.

Internally, the Jobs tab is represented by[JobsTab].

== [[JobPage]] Details for Job -- JobPage Page

When you click a job in[AllJobsPage], you see the Details for Job page.

.Details for Job Page image::spark-webui-jobs-details-for-job.png[align="center"]

JobPage is a[WebUIPage] that shows statistics and stage list for a given job.

Details for Job page is registered under /job URL, i.e. http://localhost:4040/jobs/job/?id=0 and accepts one mandatory id request parameter as a job identifier.

When a job id is not found, you should see "No information to display for job ID" message.

."No information to display for job" in Details for Job Page image::spark-webui-jobs-details-for-job-no-job.png[align="center"]

JobPage displays the job's status, group (if available), and the stages per state: active, pending, completed, skipped, and failed.

NOTE: A job can be in a running, succeeded, failed or unknown state.

.Details for Job Page with Active and Pending Stages image::spark-webui-jobs-details-for-job-active-pending-stages.png[align="center"]

.Details for Job Page with Four Stages image::spark-webui-jobs-details-for-job-four-stages.png[align="center"]

Last update: 2020-11-27