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web UI Configuration Properties

[[properties]] .web UI Configuration Properties [cols="1,1,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Name | Default Value | Description

[[spark.ui.allowFramingFrom]] spark.ui.allowFramingFrom
Defines the URL to use in ALLOW-FROM in X-Frame-Options header (as described in

Used exclusively when JettyUtils is requested to[create an HttpServlet].

| [[spark.ui.consoleProgress.update.interval]] spark.ui.consoleProgress.update.interval | 200 (ms) | Update interval, i.e. how often to show the progress.

| [[spark.ui.enabled]] spark.ui.enabled | true | The flag to control whether the web UI is started (true) or not (false).

| [[spark.ui.port]] spark.ui.port | 4040 | The port web UI binds to.

If multiple SparkContexts attempt to run on the same host (it is not possible to have two or more Spark contexts on a single JVM, though), they will bind to successive ports beginning with spark.ui.port.

| [[spark.ui.killEnabled]] spark.ui.killEnabled | true | Enables jobs and stages to be killed from the web UI (true) or not (false).

Used exclusively when SparkUI is requested to[initialize] (and registers the redirect handlers for /jobs/job/kill and /stages/stage/kill URIs)

| [[spark.ui.retainedDeadExecutors]] spark.ui.retainedDeadExecutors | 100 | The maximum number of entries in[executorToTaskSummary] (in ExecutorsListener) and[deadExecutorStorageStatus] (in StorageStatusListener) internal registries.

| [[spark.ui.timeline.executors.maximum]] spark.ui.timeline.executors.maximum | 1000 | The maximum number of entries in <> registry.

| [[spark.ui.timeline.tasks.maximum]] spark.ui.timeline.tasks.maximum | 1000 | |===

Last update: 2020-10-11