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== [[WebUITab]] WebUITab -- Contract of Tabs in Web UI

WebUITab represents a <> in web UI with a <> and <>.

WebUITab can be:

  •[attached] or[detached] from a WebUI

  •[attached] to a WebUITab

[[pages]] WebUITab is simply a collection of[WebUIPages] that can be <> to the tab.

[[name]] WebUITab has a name (and defaults to <> capitalized).

[[implementations]] NOTE:[SparkUITab] is the one and only implementation of WebUITab contract.

NOTE: WebUITab is a private[spark] contract.

=== [[attachPage]] Attaching Page to Tab -- attachPage Method

[source, scala]

attachPage(page: WebUIPage): Unit

attachPage prepends the[page prefix] (of the input WebUIPage) with the <> (with no ending slash, i.e. /, if the page prefix is undefined).

In the end, attachPage adds the WebUIPage to <> registry.

NOTE: attachPage is used when[web UI tabs] register their pages.

=== [[basePath]] Requesting Base URI Path -- basePath Method

[source, scala]

basePath: String

basePath requests the <> for the[base path].

NOTE: basePath is used when...FIXME

=== [[headerTabs]] Requesting Header Tabs -- headerTabs Method

[source, scala]

headerTabs: Seq[WebUITab]

headerTabs requests the <> for the[header tabs].

NOTE: headerTabs is used exclusively when UIUtils is requested to[headerSparkPage].

=== [[creating-instance]] Creating WebUITab Instance

WebUITab takes the following when created:

  • [[parent]] Parent[WebUI]
  • [[prefix]] Prefix

WebUITab initializes the <>.

NOTE: WebUITab is a Scala abstract class and cannot be created directly, but only as one of the <>.

Last update: 2020-10-06