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StoragePage is a WebUIPage of StorageTab.

Creating Instance

StoragePage takes the following to be created:

StoragePage is created when:

Rendering Page

  request: HttpServletRequest): Seq[Node]

render is part of the WebUIPage abstraction.

render renders a Storage page with the RDDs and streaming blocks (from the AppStatusStore).

RDD Table's Headers

StoragePage uses the following headers and tooltips for the RDD table.

Header Tooltip
RDD Name Name of the persisted RDD
Storage Level StorageLevel displays where the persisted RDD is stored, format of the persisted RDD (serialized or de-serialized) and replication factor of the persisted RDD
Cached Partitions Number of partitions cached
Fraction Cached Fraction of total partitions cached
Size in Memory Total size of partitions in memory
Size on Disk Total size of partitions on the disk