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== [[StagesTab]] StagesTab -- Stages for All Jobs

[[prefix]] StagesTab is a[SparkUITab] with stages[prefix].

StagesTab is <> exclusively when SparkUI is[initialized].

When <>, StagesTab creates the following pages and[attaches] them immediately:




Stages tab in[web UI] shows[the current state of all stages of all jobs in a Spark application] (i.e. a[]) with two optional pages for[the tasks and statistics for a stage] (when a stage is selected) and[pool details] (when the application works in[FAIR scheduling mode]).

The title of the tab is Stages for All Jobs.

You can access the Stages tab under /stages URL, i.e. http://localhost:4040/stages.

With no jobs submitted yet (and hence no stages to display), the page shows nothing but the title.

.Stages Page Empty image::spark-webui-stages-empty.png[align="center"]

The Stages page shows the stages in a Spark application per state in their respective sections -- Active Stages, Pending Stages, Completed Stages, and Failed Stages.

.Stages Page With One Stage Completed image::spark-webui-stages-completed.png[align="center"]

NOTE: The state sections are only displayed when there are stages in a given state. Refer to[Stages for All Jobs].

In[FAIR scheduling mode] you have access to the table showing the scheduler pools.

.Fair Scheduler Pools Table image::spark-webui-stages-fairschedulerpools.png[align="center"]

Internally, the page is represented by[] class.

The page uses the parent's[SparkUI] to access required services, i.e.[],[SparkConf],[JobProgressListener],[RDDOperationGraphListener], and to know whether <>.

StagesTab is <> when...FIXME

=== [[killEnabled]] killEnabled flag


=== [[creating-instance]] Creating StagesTab Instance

StagesTab takes the following when created:

  • [[parent]][SparkUI]
  • [[store]][]

=== [[handleKillRequest]] Handling Request to Kill Stage (from web UI) -- handleKillRequest Method

[source, scala]

handleKillRequest(request: HttpServletRequest): Unit


NOTE: handleKillRequest is used when...FIXME

Last update: 2020-11-27