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PoolPage is a WebUIPage of StagesTab.

Details Page for production Pool

Creating Instance

PoolPage takes the following to be created:

URL Prefix

PoolPage uses pool URL prefix.

Rendering Page

  request: HttpServletRequest): Seq[Node]

render is part of the WebUIPage abstraction.

render requires poolname and attempt request parameters.

render renders a Fair Scheduler Pool page with the PoolData (from the AppStatusStore of the parent StagesTab).


The Fair Scheduler Pool Details page shows information about a Schedulable pool and is only available when a Spark application uses the FAIR scheduling mode.

Summary Table

The Summary table shows the details of a Schedulable pool.

Summary for production Pool

It uses the following columns:

  • Pool Name
  • Minimum Share
  • Pool Weight
  • Active Stages (the number of the active stages in a Schedulable pool)
  • Running Tasks
  • SchedulingMode

Active Stages Table

The Active Stages table shows the active stages in a pool.

Active Stages for production Pool

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