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AllJobsPage is a WebUIPage of JobsTab.

Creating Instance

AllJobsPage takes the following to be created:

Rendering Page

  request: HttpServletRequest): Seq[Node]

render is part of the WebUIPage abstraction.

render renders a Spark Jobs page with the jobs and executors alongside applicationInfo and appSummary (from the AppStatusStore).


AllJobsPage renders a summary, an event timeline, and active, completed, and failed jobs of a Spark application.

AllJobsPage displays the Summary section with the current Spark user, total uptime, scheduling mode, and the number of jobs per status.

Summary Section in Jobs Tab

Under the summary section is the Event Timeline section.

Event Timeline in Jobs Tab

Active Jobs, Completed Jobs, and Failed Jobs sections follow.

Job Status Section in Jobs Tab

Jobs are clickable (and give information about the stages of tasks inside it).

When you hover over a job in Event Timeline not only you see the job legend but also the job is highlighted in the Summary section.

Hovering Over Job in Event Timeline Highlights The Job in Status Section

The Event Timeline section shows not only jobs but also executors.

Executors in Event Timeline

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