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Web UI — Spark Application's Web Console

Web UI (aka Application UI or webUI or Spark UI) is the web interface of a Spark application to monitor and inspect Spark jobs in a web browser.

Welcome Page of web UI — Jobs Tab

web UI is available at http://[driverHostname]:4040 by default.

NOTE: The default port can be changed using[spark.ui.port] configuration property. SparkContext will increase the port if it is already taken until a free one is found.

web UI comes with the following tabs (pages):

.[Jobs] .[Stages] .[Storage] .[Environment] .[Executors]

TIP: You can use the web UI after the application has finished by persisting events (using[EventLoggingListener]) and using[Spark History Server].

NOTE: All the information that is displayed in web UI is available thanks to[JobProgressListener] and other[]s. One could say that web UI is a web layer over Spark listeners.

Last update: 2020-11-27