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spark-class shell script

spark-class shell script is the Spark application command-line launcher that is responsible for setting up JVM environment and executing a Spark application.

NOTE: Ultimately, any shell script in Spark, e.g. link:spark-submit.adoc[spark-submit], calls spark-class script.

You can find spark-class script in bin directory of the Spark distribution.

When started, spark-class first loads $SPARK_HOME/bin/, collects the Spark assembly jars, and executes <>.

Depending on the Spark distribution (or rather lack thereof), i.e. whether RELEASE file exists or not, it sets SPARK_JARS_DIR environment variable to [SPARK_HOME]/jars or [SPARK_HOME]/assembly/target/scala-[SPARK_SCALA_VERSION]/jars, respectively (with the latter being a local build).

If SPARK_JARS_DIR does not exist, spark-class prints the following error message and exits with the code 1.

Failed to find Spark jars directory ([SPARK_JARS_DIR]).
You need to build Spark with the target "package" before running this program.

spark-class sets LAUNCH_CLASSPATH environment variable to include all the jars under SPARK_JARS_DIR.

If SPARK_PREPEND_CLASSES is enabled, [SPARK_HOME]/launcher/target/scala-[SPARK_SCALA_VERSION]/classes directory is added to LAUNCH_CLASSPATH as the first entry.

NOTE: Use SPARK_PREPEND_CLASSES to have the Spark launcher classes (from [SPARK_HOME]/launcher/target/scala-[SPARK_SCALA_VERSION]/classes) to appear before the other Spark assembly jars. It is useful for development so your changes don't require rebuilding Spark again.

SPARK_TESTING and SPARK_SQL_TESTING environment variables enable test special mode.

CAUTION: FIXME What's so special about the env vars?

spark-class uses <> command-line application to compute the Spark command to launch. The Main class programmatically computes the command that spark-class executes afterwards.

TIP: Use JAVA_HOME to point at the JVM to use.

=== [[main]] Launching org.apache.spark.launcher.Main Standalone Application

org.apache.spark.launcher.Main is a Scala standalone application used in spark-class to prepare the Spark command to execute.

Main expects that the first parameter is the class name that is the "operation mode":

  1. org.apache.spark.deploy.SparkSubmit -- Main uses link:spark-submit-SparkSubmitCommandBuilder.adoc[SparkSubmitCommandBuilder] to parse command-line arguments. This is the mode link:spark-submit.adoc[spark-submit] uses.
  2. anything -- Main uses SparkClassCommandBuilder to parse command-line arguments.
$ ./bin/spark-class org.apache.spark.launcher.Main
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not enough arguments: missing class name.
    at org.apache.spark.launcher.CommandBuilderUtils.checkArgument(
    at org.apache.spark.launcher.Main.main(

Main uses buildCommand method on the builder to build a Spark command.

If SPARK_PRINT_LAUNCH_COMMAND environment variable is enabled, Main prints the final Spark command to standard error.

Spark Command: [cmd]

If on Windows it calls prepareWindowsCommand while on non-Windows OSes prepareBashCommand with tokens separated by \0.

CAUTION: FIXME What's prepareWindowsCommand? prepareBashCommand?

Main uses the following environment variables:

  • SPARK_DAEMON_JAVA_OPTS and SPARK_MASTER_OPTS to be added to the command line of the command.
  • SPARK_DAEMON_MEMORY (default: 1g) for -Xms and -Xmx.