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ByteBufferBlockStoreUpdater is a BlockStoreUpdater (that BlockManager uses for storing a block from bytes already in memory).

Creating Instance

ByteBufferBlockStoreUpdater takes the following to be created:

  • BlockId
  • StorageLevel
  • ClassTag (Scala)
  • ChunkedByteBuffer
  • tellMaster flag (default: true)
  • keepReadLock flag (default: false)

ByteBufferBlockStoreUpdater is created when:

Block Data

blockData(): BlockData

blockData creates a ByteBufferBlockData (with the ChunkedByteBuffer).

blockData is part of the BlockStoreUpdater abstraction.


readToByteBuffer(): ChunkedByteBuffer

readToByteBuffer simply gives the ChunkedByteBuffer (it was created with).

readToByteBuffer is part of the BlockStoreUpdater abstraction.

Storing Block to Disk

saveToDiskStore(): Unit

saveToDiskStore requests the DiskStore (of the parent BlockManager) to putBytes (with the BlockId and the ChunkedByteBuffer).

saveToDiskStore is part of the BlockStoreUpdater abstraction.

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