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ElementTrackingStore is a KVStore that tracks the number of entities (elements) of specific types in a store and triggers actions once they reach a threshold.

Creating Instance

ElementTrackingStore takes the following to be created:

ElementTrackingStore is created when:

Writing Value to Store

  value: Any): Unit

write is part of the KVStore abstraction.

write requests the KVStore to write the value

Writing Value to Store and Checking Triggers

  value: Any,
  checkTriggers: Boolean): WriteQueueResult

write writes the value.


write is used when:

  • LiveEntity is requested to write
  • StreamingQueryStatusListener (Spark Structured Streaming) is requested to onQueryStarted and onQueryTerminated

Creating View of Specific Entities

  klass: Class[T]): KVStoreView[T]

view is part of the KVStore abstraction.

view requests the KVStore for a view of klass entities.

Registering Trigger

  klass: Class[_],
  threshold: Long)(
  action: Long => Unit): Unit


addTrigger is used when:

  • AppStatusListener is created
  • HiveThriftServer2Listener (Spark Thrift Server) is created
  • SQLAppStatusListener (Spark SQL) is created
  • StreamingQueryStatusListener (Spark Structured Streaming) is created