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ShuffleInMemorySorter is used by ShuffleExternalSorter to <> using <> sort algorithms.

ShuffleInMemorySorter and ShuffleExternalSorter

== [[creating-instance]] Creating Instance

ShuffleInMemorySorter takes the following to be created:

  • [[consumer]][MemoryConsumer]
  • [[initialSize]] Initial size
  • [[useRadixSort]] useRadixSort flag (to indicate whether to use <>)

ShuffleInMemorySorter requests the given <> to[allocate an array] of the given <> for the <>.

ShuffleInMemorySorter is created for a[ShuffleExternalSorter].

== [[getSortedIterator]] Iterator of Records Sorted

[source, java]

ShuffleSorterIterator getSortedIterator()


getSortedIterator is used when ShuffleExternalSorter is requested to[writeSortedFile].

== [[reset]] Resetting

[source, java]

void reset()


reset is used when...FIXME

== [[numRecords]] numRecords Method

[source, java]

int numRecords()


numRecords is used when...FIXME

== [[getUsableCapacity]] Calculating Usable Capacity

[source, java]

int getUsableCapacity()

getUsableCapacity calculates the capacity that is a half or two-third of the memory used for the <>.

getUsableCapacity is used when...FIXME

== [[logging]] Logging

Enable ALL logging level for org.apache.spark.shuffle.sort.ShuffleExternalSorter logger to see what happens inside.

Add the following line to conf/


Refer to[Logging].

== [[internal-properties]] Internal Properties

=== [[array]] Unsafe LongArray of Record Pointers and Partition IDs

ShuffleInMemorySorter uses a LongArray.

=== [[usableCapacity]] Usable Capacity