== FIFOSchedulableBuilder - SchedulableBuilder for FIFO Scheduling Mode

FIFOSchedulableBuilder is a <> that holds a single[Pool] (that is given when <FIFOSchedulableBuilder is created>>).

NOTE: FIFOSchedulableBuilder is the[default SchedulableBuilder for TaskSchedulerImpl].

NOTE: When FIFOSchedulableBuilder is created, the TaskSchedulerImpl passes its own rootPool (a part of[TaskScheduler Contract]).

FIFOSchedulableBuilder obeys the <> as follows:

  • <> does nothing.
  • addTaskSetManager[passes the input Schedulable to the one and only rootPool Pool (using addSchedulable)] and completely disregards the properties of the Schedulable.

=== [[creating-instance]] Creating FIFOSchedulableBuilder Instance

FIFOSchedulableBuilder takes the following when created:

  • [[rootPool]] rootPool[Pool]