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RpcEndpointRef is a reference to a[RpcEndpoint] in a[RpcEnv].

RpcEndpointRef is a serializable entity and so you can send it over a network or save it for later use (it can however be deserialized using the owning RpcEnv only).

A RpcEndpointRef has <> (a Spark URL), and a name.

You can send asynchronous one-way messages to the corresponding RpcEndpoint using <> method.

You can send a semi-synchronous message, i.e. "subscribe" to be notified when a response arrives, using ask method. You can also block the current calling thread for a response using askWithRetry method.

  • spark.rpc.numRetries (default: 3) - the number of times to retry connection attempts.
  • spark.rpc.retry.wait (default: 3s) - the number of milliseconds to wait on each retry.

It also uses[lookup timeouts].

== [[send]] send Method


== [[askWithRetry]] askWithRetry Method