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NettyRpcEnvFactory is an RpcEnvFactory for a Netty-based RpcEnv.

Creating RpcEnv

  config: RpcEnvConfig): RpcEnv

create creates a JavaSerializerInstance (using a JavaSerializer).


KryoSerializer is not supported.

create creates a[] with the JavaSerializerInstance. create uses the given[] for the[advertised address],[SecurityManager] and[number of CPU cores].

create returns the NettyRpcEnv unless the[clientMode] is turned off (server mode).

In server mode, create attempts to start the NettyRpcEnv on a given port. create uses the given[] for the[port],[bind address], and[name]. With the port, the NettyRpcEnv is requested to[start a server].

create is part of the[RpcEnvFactory] abstraction.