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== [[OneApplicationAttemptResource]] OneApplicationAttemptResource

OneApplicationAttemptResource is a[AbstractApplicationResource] (and so a[ApiRequestContext] indirectly).

OneApplicationAttemptResource is used when AbstractApplicationResource is requested to[applicationAttempt].

[[paths]] .OneApplicationAttemptResource's Paths [cols="1,1,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Path | HTTP Method | Description

| [[root]] / | GET | <> |===

// start spark-shell
// there should be a single Spark application -- the spark-shell itself
// CAUTION: FIXME Demo of OneApplicationAttemptResource in Action

=== [[getAttempt]] getAttempt Method

[source, scala]

getAttempt(): ApplicationAttemptInfo

getAttempt requests the[UIRoot] for the[application info] (given the[appId]) and finds the[attemptId] among the available attempts.

NOTE:[appId] and[attemptId] are path parameters.

In the end, getAttempt returns the ApplicationAttemptInfo if available or reports a NotFoundException:

unknown app [appId], attempt [attemptId]