= Status REST API -- Monitoring Spark Applications Using REST API

Status REST API is a collection of REST endpoints under /api/v1 URI path in the[root containers for application UI information]:

  • [[SparkUI]][SparkUI] - Application UI for an active Spark application (i.e. a Spark application that is still running)

  • [[HistoryServer]][HistoryServer] - Application UI for active and completed Spark applications (i.e. Spark applications that are still running or have already finished)

Status REST API uses[ApiRootResource] main resource class that registers /api/v1 URI <>.

[[paths]] .URI Paths [cols="1,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Path | Description

| [[applications]] applications | [[ApplicationListResource]] Delegates to the[ApplicationListResource] resource class

| [[applications_appId]] applications/\{appId} | [[OneApplicationResource]] Delegates to the[OneApplicationResource] resource class

| [[version]] version | Creates a VersionInfo with the current version of Spark |===

Status REST API uses the following components: