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ShuffleDependency is a Dependency on the output of a ShuffleMapStage of a key-value RDD.

ShuffleDependency uses the RDD to know the number of (map-side/pre-shuffle) partitions and the Partitioner for the number of (reduce-size/post-shuffle) partitions.

ShuffleDependency[K: ClassTag, V: ClassTag, C: ClassTag]

Creating Instance

ShuffleDependency takes the following to be created:

ShuffleDependency is created when:

  • CoGroupedRDD is requested for the dependencies (for RDDs with different partitioners)
  • ShuffledRDD is requested for the dependencies
  • ShuffleExchangeExec (Spark SQL) physical operator is requested to prepare a ShuffleDependency

When created, ShuffleDependency gets the shuffle id.

ShuffleDependency registers itself with the ShuffleManager and gets a ShuffleHandle (available as shuffleHandle). ShuffleDependency uses SparkEnv to access the ShuffleManager.

In the end, ShuffleDependency registers itself with the ContextCleaner (if configured) and the ShuffleDriverComponents.


aggregator: Option[Aggregator[K, V, C]]

ShuffleDependency can be given a map/reduce-side Aggregator when created.

ShuffleDependency asserts (when created) that an Aggregator is defined when the mapSideCombine flag is enabled.

aggregator is used when:

  • SortShuffleWriter is requested to write records (for mapper tasks)
  • BlockStoreShuffleReader is requested to read records (for reducer tasks)

Map-Size Partial Aggregation Flag

ShuffleDependency uses a mapSideCombine flag that controls whether to perform map-side partial aggregation (map-side combine) using the Aggregator.

mapSideCombine is disabled (false) by default and can be enabled (true) for some uses of ShuffledRDD.

ShuffleDependency requires that the optional Aggregator is actually defined for the flag enabled.

mapSideCombine is used when:


ShuffleDependency is given a Partitioner (when created).

ShuffleDependency uses the Partitioner to partition the shuffle output.

The Partitioner is used when:


ShuffleDependency can be given a ShuffleWriteProcessor when created.

The ShuffleWriteProcessor is used when:

Shuffle ID

shuffleId: Int

ShuffleDependency is identified uniquely by an application-wide shuffle ID (that is requested from SparkContext when created).


ShuffleDependency registers itself with the ShuffleManager when created.

The ShuffleHandle is used when: