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LocalRDDCheckpointData is a RDDCheckpointData.

Creating Instance

LocalRDDCheckpointData takes the following to be created:

LocalRDDCheckpointData is created when:


doCheckpoint(): CheckpointRDD[T]

doCheckpoint is part of the RDDCheckpointData abstraction.

doCheckpoint creates a LocalCheckpointRDD with the RDD. doCheckpoint triggers caching any missing partitions (by checking availability of the RDDBlockIds for the partitions in the BlockManagerMaster).

Extra Spark Job

If there are any missing partitions (RDDBlockIds) doCheckpoint requests the SparkContext to run a Spark job with the RDD and the missing partitions.

doCheckpointmakes sure that the StorageLevel of the RDD uses disk (among other persistence storages). If not, doCheckpoint throws an AssertionError:

Storage level [level] is not appropriate for local checkpointing