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= HashPartitioner

HashPartitioner is a[Partitioner] for hash-based partitioning.

HashPartitioner is used as the default Partitioner.

== [[partitions]][[numPartitions]] Number of Partitions

HashPartitioner takes a number of partitions to be created.

HashPartitioner uses the number of partitions to find the <> (of a key-value record).

== [[getPartition]] Finding Partition ID for Key

[source, scala]

getPartition(key: Any): Int

getPartition returns 0 as the partition ID for null keys.

For non-null keys, getPartition uses the key's {java-javadoc-url}/java/lang/Object.html#++hashCode--++[Object.hashCode] modulo the configured <>. For a negative result, getPartition adds the <> (used for the modulo operator) to make it positive.

getPartition is part of the[Partitioner] abstraction.

== [[equals]] equals Method

[source, scala]

equals(other: Any): Boolean

Two HashPartitioners are considered equal when the <> are the same.

== [[hashCode]] hashCode Method

[source, scala]

hashCode: Int

hashCode is the <>.

Last update: 2020-10-06