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== [[creating-instance]] Creating TransportServer Instance

TransportServer takes the following when created:

  • [[context]][]
  • [[hostToBind]] Host name to bind to
  • [[portToBind]] Port number to bind to
  • [[appRpcHandler]][]
  • [[bootstraps]] TransportServerBootstraps

When created, TransportServer <> with the <> and <> to bind to.

TransportServer is created when TransportContext is requested to[create a server].

== [[init]] init Internal Method

[source, java]

void init(String hostToBind, int portToBind)


NOTE: init is used exclusively when TransportServer is <>.

== [[getPort]] getPort Method

[source, java]

int getPort()



getPort is used when:

  • NettyRpcEnv is requested for the address

* Spark on YARN's YarnShuffleService is requested to serviceInit

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