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= SparkTransportConf

SparkTransportConf is...FIXME

== [[fromSparkConf]] Creating TransportConf


fromSparkConf( _conf: SparkConf, module: String, numUsableCores: Int = 0): TransportConf


fromSparkConf is used when...FIXME

== [[defaultNumThreads]] Calculating Default Number of Threads

[source, scala]

defaultNumThreads( numUsableCores: Int): Int

defaultNumThreads calculates the default number of threads for both the Netty client and server thread pools that is 8 maximum or numUsableCores is smaller. If numUsableCores is not specified, defaultNumThreads uses the number of processors available to the Java virtual machine.

NOTE: 8 is the maximum number of threads for Netty and is not configurable.

NOTE: defaultNumThreads uses ++[Java's Runtime for the number of processors in JVM].

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