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ManagedBuffer is the <> of <> that <>.

== [[contract]] Contract

[cols="30m,70",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Method | Description

| convertToNetty a| [[convertToNetty]]

[source, java]

Object convertToNetty()

Used exclusively when MessageEncoder is requested to encode a message

| createInputStream a| [[createInputStream]]

[source, java]

InputStream createInputStream()

Used exclusively when ShuffleBlockFetcherIterator is requested to[retrieve the next element]

| nioByteBuffer a| [[nioByteBuffer]]

[source, java]

ByteBuffer nioByteBuffer()

Used when...FIXME

| release a| [[release]]

[source, java]

ManagedBuffer release()

Used when...FIXME

| retain a| [[retain]]

[source, java]

ManagedBuffer retain()

Used when:

  • MessageWithHeader is requested to retain

  • ShuffleBlockFetcherIterator is requested to[send a remote shuffle block fetch request] and[fetchLocalBlocks]

| size a| [[size]]

[source, java]

long size()

Number of bytes of the data

Used when...FIXME


== [[implementations]] Available ManagedBuffers

[cols="30m,70",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | ManagedBuffer | Description

| BlockManagerManagedBuffer | [[BlockManagerManagedBuffer]]

| EncryptedManagedBuffer | [[EncryptedManagedBuffer]]

| FileSegmentManagedBuffer | [[FileSegmentManagedBuffer]]

| NettyManagedBuffer | [[NettyManagedBuffer]]

| NioManagedBuffer | [[NioManagedBuffer]]


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