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MetricsServlet JSON Metrics Sink

MetricsServlet is a metrics sink that gives metrics snapshots in JSON format.

MetricsServlet is a "special" sink as it is only available to the metrics instances with a web UI:

  • Driver of a Spark application
  • Spark Standalone's Master and Worker

You can access the metrics from MetricsServlet at /metrics/json URI by default. The entire URL depends on a metrics instance, e.g. http://localhost:4040/metrics/json/ for a running Spark application.

$ http http://localhost:4040/metrics/json/
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate
Content-Length: 5005
Content-Type: text/json;charset=utf-8
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2018 06:29:03 GMT
Server: Jetty(9.3.z-SNAPSHOT)
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block

    "counters": {
        "local-1528698499919.driver.HiveExternalCatalog.fileCacheHits": {
            "count": 0
        "local-1528698499919.driver.HiveExternalCatalog.filesDiscovered": {
            "count": 0
        "local-1528698499919.driver.HiveExternalCatalog.hiveClientCalls": {
            "count": 0
        "local-1528698499919.driver.HiveExternalCatalog.parallelListingJobCount": {
            "count": 0
        "local-1528698499919.driver.HiveExternalCatalog.partitionsFetched": {
            "count": 0
        "local-1528698499919.driver.LiveListenerBus.numEventsPosted": {
            "count": 7
        "local-1528698499919.driver.LiveListenerBus.queue.appStatus.numDroppedEvents": {
            "count": 0
        "local-1528698499919.driver.LiveListenerBus.queue.executorManagement.numDroppedEvents": {
            "count": 0

MetricsServlet is <> exclusively when MetricsSystem is started (and requested to register metrics sinks).

MetricsServlet can be configured using configuration properties with sink.servlet prefix (in[metrics configuration]). That is not required since MetricsConfig[makes sure] that MetricsServlet is always configured.

MetricsServlet uses[jackson-databind], the general data-binding package for Jackson (as <>) with Dropwizard Metrics library (i.e. registering a Coda Hale MetricsModule).

[[properties]] .MetricsServlet's Configuration Properties [cols="1,1,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Name | Default | Description

| path | /metrics/json/ | [[path]] Path URI prefix to bind to

| sample | false | [[sample]] Whether to show entire set of samples for histograms |===

[[internal-registries]] .MetricsServlet's Internal Properties (e.g. Registries, Counters and Flags) [cols="1,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Name | Description

| mapper | [[mapper]] Jaxson's[com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper] that "provides functionality for reading and writing JSON, either to and from basic POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects), or to and from a general-purpose JSON Tree Model (JsonNode), as well as related functionality for performing conversions."

When created, mapper is requested to register a Coda Hale com.codahale.metrics.json.MetricsModule.

Used exclusively when MetricsServlet is requested to <>.

| servletPath | [[servletPath]] Value of <> configuration property

| servletShowSample | [[servletShowSample]] Flag to control whether to show samples (true) or not (false).

servletShowSample is the value of <> configuration property (if defined) or false.

Used when <> is requested to register a Coda Hale com.codahale.metrics.json.MetricsModule. |===

Creating Instance

MetricsServlet takes the following when created:

  • [[property]] Configuration Properties (as Java Properties)
  • [[registry]] MetricRegistry (Dropwizard Metrics
  • [[securityMgr]] SecurityManager

MetricsServlet initializes the <>.

=== [[getMetricsSnapshot]] Requesting Metrics Snapshot -- getMetricsSnapshot Method

[source, scala]

getMetricsSnapshot(request: HttpServletRequest): String

getMetricsSnapshot simply requests the <> to serialize the <> to a JSON string (using ++[ObjectMapper.writeValueAsString]).

NOTE: getMetricsSnapshot is used exclusively when MetricsServlet is requested to <>.

=== [[getHandlers]] Requesting JSON Servlet Handler -- getHandlers Method

[source, scala]

getHandlers(conf: SparkConf): Array[ServletContextHandler]

getHandlers returns just a single ServletContextHandler (in a collection) that gives <> in JSON format at every request at <> URI path.

NOTE: getHandlers is used exclusively when MetricsSystem is requested for[metrics ServletContextHandlers].