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== SQLHistoryListener

SQLHistoryListener is a custom[SQLListener] for[History Server]. It attaches[SQL tab] to History Server's web UI only when the first[SparkListenerSQLExecutionStart] arrives and shuts <> off. It also handles <>.

NOTE: Support for SQL UI in History Server was added in SPARK-11206 Support SQL UI on the history server.

CAUTION: FIXME Add the link to the JIRA.

=== [[onOtherEvent]] onOtherEvent

[source, scala]

onOtherEvent(event: SparkListenerEvent): Unit

When SparkListenerSQLExecutionStart event comes, onOtherEvent attaches[SQL tab] to web UI and passes the call to the parent[SQLListener].

=== [[onTaskEnd]] onTaskEnd


=== [[creating-instance]] Creating SQLHistoryListener Instance

SQLHistoryListener is created using a (private[sql]) SQLHistoryListenerFactory class (which is SparkHistoryListenerFactory).

The SQLHistoryListenerFactory class is registered when[SparkUI creates a web UI for History Server] as a Java service in META-INF/services/org.apache.spark.scheduler.SparkHistoryListenerFactory:


NOTE: Loading the service uses Java's[ServiceLoader.load] method.

=== [[onExecutorMetricsUpdate]] onExecutorMetricsUpdate

onExecutorMetricsUpdate does nothing.