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ReplayListenerBus is a SparkListenerBus that can replay JSON-encoded SparkListenerEvent events.

ReplayListenerBus is used by FsHistoryProvider.

Replaying JSON-encoded SparkListenerEvents

  logData: InputStream,
  sourceName: String,
  maybeTruncated: Boolean = false): Unit

replay reads JSON-encoded[SparkListenerEvent] events from logData (one event per line) and posts them to all registered SparkListenerInterfaces.

replay uses[JsonProtocol to convert JSON-encoded events to SparkListenerEvent objects].

NOTE: replay uses jackson from[json4s] library to parse the AST for JSON.

When there is an exception parsing a JSON event, you may see the following WARN message in the logs (for the last line) or a JsonParseException.

WARN Got JsonParseException from log file $sourceName at line [lineNumber], the file might not have finished writing cleanly.

Any other non-IO exceptions end up with the following ERROR messages in the logs:

ERROR Exception parsing Spark event log: [sourceName]
ERROR Malformed line #[lineNumber]: [currentLine]

NOTE: The sourceName input argument is only used for messages.