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ExecutorMetricType is an abstraction of executor metric types.


Metric Values

  memoryManager: MemoryManager): Array[Long]

Used when:

Metric Names

names: Seq[String]

Used when:


Sealed Trait

ExecutorMetricType is a Scala sealed trait which means that all of the implementations are in the same compilation unit (a single file).

Learn more in the Scala Language Specification.

  • GarbageCollectionMetrics
  • ProcessTreeMetrics
  • SingleValueExecutorMetricType
  • JVMHeapMemory
  • JVMOffHeapMemory
  • MBeanExecutorMetricType
  • DirectPoolMemory
  • MappedPoolMemory
  • MemoryManagerExecutorMetricType
  • OffHeapExecutionMemory
  • OffHeapStorageMemory
  • OffHeapUnifiedMemory
  • OnHeapExecutionMemory
  • OnHeapStorageMemory
  • OnHeapUnifiedMemory

Executor Metric Getters (Ordered ExecutorMetricTypes)

ExecutorMetricType defines an ordered collection of ExecutorMetricTypes:

  1. JVMHeapMemory
  2. JVMOffHeapMemory
  3. OnHeapExecutionMemory
  4. OffHeapExecutionMemory
  5. OnHeapStorageMemory
  6. OffHeapStorageMemory
  7. OnHeapUnifiedMemory
  8. OffHeapUnifiedMemory
  9. DirectPoolMemory
  10. MappedPoolMemory
  11. ProcessTreeMetrics
  12. GarbageCollectionMetrics

This ordering allows for passing metric values as arrays (to save space) with indices being a metric of a metric type.

metricGetters is used when:

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