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= ExternalShuffleBlockHandler

ExternalShuffleBlockHandler is a[].

When created, ExternalShuffleBlockHandler requires a[] and[] with a registeredExecutorFile to create a ExternalShuffleBlockResolver.

It <BlockTransferMessage messages>>: <> and <>.

== [[handleMessage]] Handling Messages

[source, java]

handleMessage( BlockTransferMessage msgObj, TransportClient client, RpcResponseCallback callback)

handleMessage handles two types of BlockTransferMessage messages:

  • <>
  • <>

For any other BlockTransferMessage message it throws a UnsupportedOperationException:

Unexpected message: [msgObj]

== [[OpenBlocks]] OpenBlocks

[source, java]

OpenBlocks( String appId, String execId, String[] blockIds)

When OpenBlocks is received, <> authorizes the client.


It then <> for each block id in blockIds (using <>).

Finally, it[registers a stream] and does callback.onSuccess with a serialized byte buffer (for the streamId and the number of blocks in msg).

CAUTION: FIXME callback.onSuccess?

You should see the following TRACE message in the logs:

Registered streamId [streamId] with [length] buffers for client [clientId] from host [remoteAddress]

== [[RegisterExecutor]] RegisterExecutor

[source, java]

RegisterExecutor( String appId, String execId, ExecutorShuffleInfo executorInfo)


== [[logging]] Logging

Enable ALL logging level for logger to see what happens inside.

Add the following line to conf/


Refer to[Logging].

Last update: 2020-10-06