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= BroadcastFactory

BroadcastFactory is an <> for <> that[BroadcastManager] uses for[].

NOTE: As of[Spark 2.0], it is no longer possible to plug a custom BroadcastFactory in, and[TorrentBroadcastFactory] is the one and only known implementation.

== [[contract]] Contract

=== [[initialize]] initialize Method


initialize( isDriver: Boolean, conf: SparkConf, securityMgr: SecurityManager): Unit

Used when BroadcastManager is[created].

=== [[newBroadcast]] newBroadcast Method


newBroadcastT: ClassTag: Broadcast[T]

Used when BroadcastManager is requested for a[new broadcast variable].

=== [[stop]] stop Method


stop(): Unit

Used when BroadcastManager is requested to[stop].

=== [[unbroadcast]] unbroadcast Method


unbroadcast( id: Long, removeFromDriver: Boolean, blocking: Boolean): Unit

Used when BroadcastManager is requested to[unbroadcast a broadcast variable].

== [[implementations]] Available BroadcastFactories[TorrentBroadcastFactory] is the default and only known BroadcastFactory in Apache Spark.

Last update: 2020-11-27
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