StoragePage is a WebUIPage with an empty prefix.

StoragePage is created exclusively when StorageTab is created.

StoragePage takes the following when created:

Rendering HTML Table Row for RDD Details — rddRow Internal Method

rddRow(rdd: v1.RDDStorageInfo): Seq[Node]


rddRow is used when…​FIXME

Rendering HTML Table with RDD Details — rddTable Method

rddTable(rdds: Seq[v1.RDDStorageInfo]): Seq[Node]


rddTable is used when…​FIXME

receiverBlockTables Method

receiverBlockTables(blocks: Seq[StreamBlockData]): Seq[Node]


receiverBlockTables is used when…​FIXME

Rendering Page — render Method

render(request: HttpServletRequest): Seq[Node]
render is part of WebUIPage Contract to…​FIXME.

render requests the AppStatusStore for rddList and renders an HTML table with their details (if available).

render requests the AppStatusStore for streamBlocksList and renders an HTML table with receiver blocks (if available).

In the end, render requests UIUtils to headerSparkPage (with Storage title).