SerializationStream is an abstraction of streams for writing serialized key-value records.

Available SerializationStreams

SerializationStream Description



Writing All Records

writeAll[T: ClassTag](
  iter: Iterator[T]): SerializationStream

writeAll writes all records of the given iterator.

writeAll is used when:

Writing Object

writeObject[T: ClassTag](
  t: T): SerializationStream

writeObject is the most general-purpose method to write an object.

writeObject is used when…​FIXME

Writing Key (of Key-Value Record)

writeKey[T: ClassTag](
  key: T): SerializationStream

writeKey writes the object representing the key of a key-value record.

writeKey is used when:

Writing Value (of Key-Value Record)

writeValue[T: ClassTag](
  value: T): SerializationStream

writeValue writes the object representing the value of a key-value record.

writeValue is used when:

Flushing Stream

flush(): Unit

flush is used when: