NettyRpcEnvFactory is an RpcEnvFactory for a Netty-based RpcEnv.

Creating RpcEnv

  config: RpcEnvConfig): RpcEnv

create creates a JavaSerializerInstance (using a JavaSerializer).

KryoSerializer is not supported.

create creates a NettyRpcEnv with the JavaSerializerInstance. create uses the given RpcEnvConfig for the advertised address, SecurityManager and number of CPU cores.

create returns the NettyRpcEnv unless the clientMode is turned off (server mode).

In server mode, create attempts to start the NettyRpcEnv on a given port. create uses the given RpcEnvConfig for the port, bind address, and name. With the port, the NettyRpcEnv is requested to start a server.

create is part of the RpcEnvFactory abstraction.