HadoopRDD is an RDD that provides core functionality for reading data stored in HDFS, a local file system (available on all nodes), or any Hadoop-supported file system URI using the older MapReduce API (org.apache.hadoop.mapred).

HadoopRDD is created as a result of calling the following methods in SparkContext:

  • hadoopFile

  • textFile (the most often used in examples!)

  • sequenceFile

Partitions are of type HadoopPartition.

When an HadoopRDD is computed, i.e. an action is called, you should see the INFO message Input split: in the logs.

scala> sc.textFile("README.md").count
15/10/10 18:03:21 INFO HadoopRDD: Input split: file:/Users/jacek/dev/oss/spark/README.md:0+1784
15/10/10 18:03:21 INFO HadoopRDD: Input split: file:/Users/jacek/dev/oss/spark/README.md:1784+1784

The following properties are set upon partition execution:

  • mapred.tip.id - task id of this task’s attempt

  • mapred.task.id - task attempt’s id

  • mapred.task.is.map as true

  • mapred.task.partition - split id

  • mapred.job.id

Spark settings for HadoopRDD:

  • spark.hadoop.cloneConf (default: false) - shouldCloneJobConf - should a Hadoop job configuration JobConf object be cloned before spawning a Hadoop job. Refer to [SPARK-2546] Configuration object thread safety issue. When true, you should see a DEBUG message Cloning Hadoop Configuration.

You can register callbacks on TaskContext.

HadoopRDDs are not checkpointed. They do nothing when checkpoint() is called.


  • What are InputMetrics?

  • What is JobConf?

  • What are the InputSplits: FileSplit and CombineFileSplit? * What are InputFormat and Configurable subtypes?

  • What’s InputFormat’s RecordReader? It creates a key and a value. What are they?

  • What’s Hadoop Split? input splits for Hadoop reads? See InputFormat.getSplits

getPreferredLocations Method


getPartitions Method

The number of partition for HadoopRDD, i.e. the return value of getPartitions, is calculated using InputFormat.getSplits(jobConf, minPartitions) where minPartitions is only a hint of how many partitions one may want at minimum. As a hint it does not mean the number of partitions will be exactly the number given.

For SparkContext.textFile the input format class is org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TextInputFormat.

FileInputFormat is the base class for all file-based InputFormats. This provides a generic implementation of getSplits(JobConf, int). Subclasses of FileInputFormat can also override the isSplitable(FileSystem, Path) method to ensure input-files are not split-up and are processed as a whole by Mappers.