ApplicationCacheOperations is the contract of…​FIXME

package org.apache.spark.deploy.history

trait ApplicationCacheOperations {
  // only required methods that have no implementation
  // the others follow
  def getAppUI(appId: String, attemptId: Option[String]): Option[LoadedAppUI]
  def attachSparkUI(
    appId: String,
    attemptId: Option[String],
    ui: SparkUI,
    completed: Boolean): Unit
  def detachSparkUI(appId: String, attemptId: Option[String], ui: SparkUI): Unit
ApplicationCacheOperations is a private[history] contract.
Table 1. (Subset of) ApplicationCacheOperations Contract
Method Description


SparkUI (the UI of a Spark application)

Used exclusively when ApplicationCache is requested for loadApplicationEntry



HistoryServer is the one and only known implementation of ApplicationCacheOperations contract in Apache Spark.