TransportContext is…​FIXME

createChannelHandler Internal Method

TransportChannelHandler createChannelHandler(Channel channel, RpcHandler rpcHandler)


createChannelHandler is used exclusively when TransportContext is requested to initializePipeline.

initializePipeline Method

TransportChannelHandler initializePipeline(SocketChannel channel) (1)
TransportChannelHandler initializePipeline(
  SocketChannel channel,
  RpcHandler channelRpcHandler)
1 Simply calls the other initializePipeline with the RpcHandler


initializePipeline is used when:

  • TransportServer is requested to init

  • TransportClientFactory is requested to createClient

Creating TransportServer on Host and Port — createServer Method

TransportServer createServer()  (1)
TransportServer createServer(int port, List<TransportServerBootstrap> bootstraps) (2)
TransportServer createServer(List<TransportServerBootstrap> bootstraps) (3)
TransportServer createServer(
  String host, int port, List<TransportServerBootstrap> bootstraps)
1 Uses 0 for the port and no bootstraps. Used exclusively for testing
2 Uses null for the host
3 Used exclusively for testing

createServer simply creates a TransportServer (with the current TransportContext, the host, the port, the RpcHandler and the bootstraps).

createServer is used when:

  • NettyBlockTransferService is requested to createServer

  • NettyRpcEnv is requested to startServer

  • ExternalShuffleService is requested to start

  • Spark on YARN’s YarnShuffleService is requested to serviceInit