Spark (notable) use cases

That’s the place where I’m throwing things I’d love exploring further - technology- and business-centric.

Technology "things":

  • Spark Streaming on Hadoop YARN cluster processing messages from Apache Kafka using the new direct API.

  • Parsing JSONs into Parquet and save it to S3

Business "things":

  • IoT applications = connected devices and sensors

  • Predictive Analytics = Manage risk and capture new business opportunities with real-time analytics and probabilistic forecasting of customers, products and partners.

  • Anomaly Detection = Detect in real-time problems such as financial fraud, structural defects, potential medical conditions, and other anomalies.

  • Personalization = Deliver a unique experience in real-time that is relevant and engaging based on a deep understanding of the customer and current context.

  • data lakes, clickstream analytics, real time analytics, and data warehousing on Hadoop